Driving Excellence in Public Transportation

About Us

NCPTA: The Voice for Public Transit in North Carolina.

Our Strategic Focus:

  • Advocacy
  • Partnerships
  • Education & Training  

Mission: Lead and support our members and communities through advocacy, education and collaboration to enhance public transportation for all. 

The North Carolina Public Transportation Association (NCPTA) is a nationally recognized award winning private, non-profit organization. We will celebrate our 40th anniversary in 2023.

NCPTA represents 91 public transportation providers. This diverse group of System Members comprises large market urban transit systems operating light rail vehicles and large buses to the smaller market rural transit systems operating just a few vans.

We believe, regardless of size, the public transportation service provided is an integral part of the overall transportation infrastructure in those communities served is vital to maintaining the economic mobility, freedom of travel, and quality of life for the citizens and visitors alike.

The Association is also proud to have 63 strong business partners representing educational institutions, governmental agencies, transit industry product, professional service providers, and vehicle manufacturers.

These Associate members provide the support necessary for the System Members to continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the transportation services provided to the public.