Driving Excellence in Public Transportation

Training and Professional Development Resources

The North Carolina Public Transportation Association is committed to the providing meaningful services to its members. One service relates to training and professional development. The NCPTA Training Committee  strives to make training opportunities available to its members though webinar's, session development at the annual conference, training events  and peer groups.


Training and Professional Development Resources

Transit Planning Training Spreadsheet - Transit planning training opportunities that are online, sponsored by National Transit Institute, NCDOT and others are highlighted in a sortable spreadsheet.

Training Webinars

Making Transit Count: Performance Measures that Move Transit Projects Forward -  This webinar highlights  ways to evaluate your transit systems performance beyond ridership and miles per passenger. It describes Total Person Throughput, Excess Wait Time, Walking Accessibility and Economic Vitality. Featuring Debbie Collins, Director of the NCDOT Public Transportation Division, Steven Higashide is Director of Research for TransitCenter, and Aaron Villere, NACTO Senior Program Associate, Designing Cities Initiative. Click HERE to download the presentations and related documents.

Managing Mobility: A Guide to Transit Design. Sponsored by the Transit Planning Peer Group, three transit planners discuss new and innovative tools, effective communication techniques and how to perfect your transit routes. You will hear how the geography of your community can impact route design and learn about tools that assist with transit planning. Coordination with your city and county departments and other community partners is explored and finally how the decisions of others impact your efforts. This webinar will help transit providers of any size be more effective and give planners insights into how to make your community more transit friendly. Please note that the recording starts after several minutes of introduction and background.

If you know of a training opportunity, or planning to host a training event contact Committee Co-Chair Mark E. Kirstner at markk@partnc.org or  Rodney Harrison at rlhar@salisburync.gov .