Driving Excellence in Public Transportation


House Passes Spending Bill to Avoid U.S. Government Shutdown
Bloomberg – Sep 30, 2015
…With government funding settled for the next few months, Congress has another big item to resolve before Boehner leaves: how to provide new money for the federal highway fund. Congress has passed 34 stopgap highway funding bills in the last six years, and the most recent one is due to run out Oct. 29…

Getting Transit Assets into a State of Good Repair
USDOT – Sep 30, 2015
…One way to lower maintenance costs for transit assets, increase reliability and performance, reduce travel delays for riders, and improve safety is by identifying and prioritizing state of good repair needs…

McCarthy vows to pass six-year highway bill
The Hill – Sep 29, 2015
“If we pass a highway bill with tax reform at the same time, that’s policy,” he continued. “That changes the inversion process; that means more money comes back to America.  That puts a six-year highway bill on to the floor and starts moving and building roads that we need in American infrastructure.”…

Without Transit, American Cities Would Take Up 37 Percent More Space
StreetsBlog – Sep 28, 2015
The research team from New York, San Francisco, and Salt Lake City modeled not just how many driving miles are directly averted by people riding transit, but how the availability of transit affects the way we build cities…

Colleges Get Grants To Train Transit Workers
Community College Week – Sep 27, 2015
With the nation investing billions to expand bus service and light rail lines, the U.S. Department of Transportation said it is giving $9.5 million to programs that train workers for jobs in the transportation industry…